Eleourgia Kritis SA

The edible oil production company Eleourgia Kritis SA is active in the production, standardization and trading of olive oils and seed oils. The history of the company begins in 1960 in Crete and in the village of Malles in Lasithi. The main occupation was initially the collection and trading of olive oils from the rich oil-producing area of the island.

In the early 1980s, the company moved its headquarters from Crete to Athens and, parallelly to the collecting of Cretan olive oils, it constantly invested in filtering and standardization machines for olive oils and seed oils. As a result, in 1988 the company started selling to the Greek market its own standardized olive oils and seed oils, under the brands "Asteri" and "Anatoli" respectively.

In 1995, the company Eleourgia Kritis SA launches its first privately-owned factory in Spata, in Attica. The company’s policy promotes the use of modern production and standardization methods and requires the constant commitment of the employees to the control and the ensuring of the quality of the production means and of the end products. For this reason, the company has been certified since 2000 with the ISO Quality Certificate and the HACCP Health Certificate.

A few years later the company Eleourgia Kritis SA presents the NEW brand label of "En Elladi" olive oils, which cause a great effect on the market and enhance the corporate reputation among the consumers. Since then, the company Eleourgia Kritis SA has succeeded to be steadily at a remarkable position in the Greek market of olive oil products.

Furthermore, since 2001, the company's business activities have expanded abroad, both in Europe and in USA. In this way, the company Eleourgia Kritis SA is helping to spread the reputation of the Cretan diet and longevity, which is based on the Cretan olive oil.


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